The Basics of Winning at Scholarship Essay Contests

As the cost for getting college education increases, the demand for scholarships continues to rise. One of the best ways to acquire a scholarship is by submitting a quality essay. Planning to join any scholarship essay contests? Here’s one thing to remember: Submitting your possible best work is critical. And so by writing a detail-oriented scholarship essay reflecting your strengths and weaknesses, you give yourself chances of getting financial support for your education.


Tips on Winning At Scholarship Essay Contests

There are hundreds of scholarship essay writing contests that provide excellent source of funds for getting a college degree. There are also a lot of essay writers ready to help you right now. In order to get those funds, you must submit your winning essay first. To help you make your essay worth the win, read these tips:

  • Take your essay seriously. Treat your writing as seriously as fulfilling a requirement for graduation. Don’t just simply jot down a few lines a week before the deadline for submission of entries. An essay containing sloppy content will likely result to disqualification from getting a scholarship.
  • Always take note of the deadlines. Mark them in your calendar, scheduler or planner. As much as possible, review the upcoming deadlines weekly so that you’ll never miss out on any postmark deadline; resulting to all your hard work on this particular entry wasted. You can also schedule your submission dates on an interim basis ;.
  • Brainstorming ideas helps a lot. Don’t go for quality of ideas to brainstorm. Instead, go for the more quantity ones. This tip may sound counter intuitive for some, but they’re actually a sure-fire way to lose the contest too early on what it may seem as a winning thesis. Turns out, it only generates excitement in winning the contest. List as many ideas as you can on a piece of paper, and then relax for a while before brainstorming on them.
  • Pay close attention to all requirements. If the contest rule states that your essay must be typed double-spaced with font size of 12 and a maximum of two pages, follow them carefully. Failure to submit your essay without following the rules leads to one thing: Rejection. Of course, you don’t want that to happen.


Winning scholarship essay contests is, without a doubt, a fulfillment you’ll cherish for a lifetime. It’s not easy to snag a hundred bucks for a single entry, since you need to think about the competitive side. Here are few secrets to winning your scholarship essay:

  • Organize your thoughts before writing them. Even the shortest essays must be carefully planned and outlined. 150 words may be enough to make that winning impression, but make sure it’s worth the quality.
  • Ask your relatives or friends to read your essay. This way, they can determine any technical errors such as grammatical flaws, poor sentence construction, tone inconsistencies and wrong spelling.
  • Research on previous scholarship essay writing winners. You can find their profiles and winning entries online. Read as many previous winning essays as you can and try to compare any common features with your own.